# Conference Calls

Wahay allows two or more people to join an audio conference call in a secure way. For this, we integrate the voice over IP capabilities of Mumble with the security and autonomy of Tor Onion services.

# Decentralization and Autonomy

Traditional internet conference software requires a server to handle the communication among its users as you can see in the image below:


To achieve this, Wahay uses Tor Onion services that, among other things, allow you to expose TCP services without the need of a public IP, a service provider or a sysadmin. In other words, you can communicate with your contacts without depending on third parties, with autonomy!


# Privacy and Security

Wahay communication is encrypted from the computer of the person hosting the meeting to the computers connected. Most of this encryption is done by the Tor Onion Services and an extra layer by Mumble protocol itself. The Onion Services also allow the authentication of the server where we connect to. Someone who wants to intercept your internet connection, would only be able to know that you are using Tor, but not for what. As there is no service provider, there is no risk of them intercepting your communication. Wahay makes it very hard for anyone outside the conference participants to know that the conference took place or what was said on it.

Conference can be password protected. This is useful in case the link was shared in an insecure way like an email for example. The password can be shared in a secure chat with tools like OTR or Signal.

The conference URLs are ephemeral and exist only for the time of the meeting. This makes it harder for someone to get into a meeting without being invited.